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  1. Loose Lips
  2. Cat's Meow
  3. Can't Stay Mad At You
  4. Catch 22
  5. You Moved On
  6. Calm, Cool and Collected
  7. That's Karma For Ya
  8. Between a Rock and A Hard Place
  9. You Made Your Bed
  10. Drive You To Drink

2014 Jenn Russell All Rights Reserved
Recorded In Canada, All music and lyrics by Jennifer Russell
A production of MasterTracks Recording Studios

This album is dedicated to dancers.

Playing in a dance band has given me a great appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between musicians and audiences. I am always inspired by an audience that fills the dance floor with their energy and enthusiasm. Many thanks to all the talented musicians who performed on the CD. Thanks to Danny Crain and Andrew MacRae at Outreach Productions. Thanks to my husband Randy and my children, Zachary and Olivia for encouraging me on this ever-evolving journey. Thanks to Jonathan Dutcher, Becka deHaan, Roly McSorley, Craig Whynot, Jill Kozak Judy Lavigne, Sheldon Gordon, Kathleen Gorey-McSorley, Mary Beth Gorey, and Guy Chamberlain for your creative input.

All Music and Lyrics by Jennifer Russell
Produced by Andrew MacRae & Jennifer Russell
Horn Arrangements by Jennifer Russell and Jonathan Dutcher
Violin Arrangement on “Cat’s Meow” by Jonathan Dutcher
Recorded and Mixed at Outreach Productions in Hanwell, NB
Additional Recording for Track 6 by Mike Hastings at Codapop Studios, Halifax NS
Engineer and Mixing Engineer Andrew MacRae
Mastered at Outreach Productions by Andrew MacRae.

Lead female vocals: Jennifer Russell
Guitar: Troy McLaggan
Bass: Danny Crain
Drums: Mathieu Benoit, Karl Gans (1,3,8)
Violin: Kathleen Gorey-McSorley
Blues Harp: Dan Robichaud
Tenor Sax: Kelly Waterhouse, Jennifer Russell (1,3,8)
Trumpet: Marie-Claude Landry, Conrad Mead (1,3,8)
Trombone: Jeannine Gallant, Craig Whynot (1,3,8)
Keyboards: John Clayden, Danny Crain (5)
Lead male vocals: Carter McLaughlin (3), Sheldon Gordon (6), Paul Campbell (9)
Background vocals: Jennifer Russell, Kelly Waterhouse, Jeannine Gallant, Jonathan Dutcher, Doug Forbes, Robb Hartlen.  

CD Artwork Design Greg Munn; Inside Photo Julie McLean
Cover Photo Gary Weekes Photography